We have published our 1st Term 2021/2022 results. To check your ward’s, login to the Parent Dashboard, and click on Result corresponding to each child >>>>>> Our students started their retreat on Sunday, 4th Dec. 2021 and will end on Wednesday 8th Dec. 2021, on how they had spent the year 2021 and plan how they want 2022 to be to them. The environment is calm and everyone is actively participating in the activities. >>>>>>
Rev. Sr. Stella Maris Idibie (EHJ) Principal
Rev. Sr. Rachael Okolorie (EHJ) Vice Principal - Administration
Mrs. Justina Igwe-Nzeogu Vice Principal - Academics
Rev. Sr. Anastasia Maris Bakre (EHJ) Bursar
Mrs. Magdalene Edeawe Dean of Students
Miss Owaseye A. Ruddy Guidance Counsellor
Mr. Audu Dickson Ezekiel H.O.D. Mathematics
Miss Bridget Uvwo H.O.D. Vocational
Miss Divine Okafor H.O.D. English Studies
Mr. Augustine Simire H.O.D. Humanities
Mr. John Olowojoba H.O.D. I.C.T
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