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General Rules

No Rule
1 Students must strictly and promptly obey all routine bells
2 No student shall leave the school compound without permission from the appropriate authorities. The school authorities frown at such acts and such cases are treated as sneaking outside the compound, hence the punishment due is expulsion
3 Students should not stay longer than the hours or days permitted to them to be out of the school, except for something beyond control and information must get to the school before the said day of returning, as offenders will be subjected to severe punishment
4 Stealing of any kind is highly prohibited in the school. Any student caught stealing shall be liable for suspension. When it becomes habitual, then the student will be expelled
5 Fighting within and outside the school is a taboo in EHJMC. It is considered as a serious anti social behavior that should not be associated with any student. Report to the appropriate quarters immediately of any insinuation, provocation, molestation, assault or the like. This also attracts immediate suspension. If there is no change, such student will be expelled
6 Forming cliques or any negative group directed towards promotion of Indiscipline or corrupt behavior or disobedience is a serious offence
7 Lying, fagging and bullying are critically frowned at. The punishment due for this is suspension
8 No student should intimidate another student or violently take away his/her rights. Students should not also tamper with or destroy another student’s property on the ground that they are not his/her own. Such an act attracts adequate punishment
9 Students are sternly warned to handle with care the school properties and endeavour to keep away from any of the school properties which they are not permitted to touch as any damage done will be repaired by the student in question
10 Students are bound to dress neatly and moderately. Shabby dressing such as flying out, folding of trousers etc. attracts immediate punishment. Cleanliness and neatness must be a priority at all times
11 Respect is reciprocal and hence students should maintain mutual respect for one another
12 Students are warned to be truthful and careful of what they present to their parents about the image of the school, that is, telling lies for example as a cover-up for their mistakes
13 Students are warned to check noise making during odd hours. After rising in the morning, during morning prayers and at Mass, during morning classes, evening studies, after games, during evening prayers, after night recreation, night prayers, night studies and after lights out
14 Students are warned to give utmost respect to their own properties especially their textbooks, exercise books, prayer books, wears and cutlery. This attracts punishment for defaulters
15 Students are not permitted to operate any form of electric appliances other than electric Iron. Any Iron found outside the ironing room will be seized and cannot be given back to the students
16 Classes and studies are compulsory for all students and no student should be seen loitering outside during classes and studies, if caught, the student shall be made to perform manual labour
17 No student should miss classes except permitted by the school authorities or any other instance
18 On no account shall any student write anything on the wall and on school properties, such as tables, notice boards, lockers etc. Defaulters will be punished accordingly
19 Examination malpractice of any form is a taboo in this college, hence the penalty, if caught is one year probation
20 Students are to be in the examination venue 30 minutes before the commencement of the examination and must be seated in the exam hall 10 minutes before the examination
21 Students are bound to observe great silence during classes and studies. Noise makers will be properly dealt with
22 All construction sites are out of bounds to all students
23 All school wears must be from the school
24 School uniforms are to be worn to school at all times except otherwise instructed by the school authority
25 Students must resume from vacation in their house wears
26 Only black wristwatches, shoes and bags are allowed in the school
27 Punctuality to the assembly is essential. All students must be on the assembly ground each day by 7:20am; assembly commences by 7:30am
28 Seniors must be just and considerate in their dealings with the juniors, hence all students must be polite and respectful toward one another
29 All electrical appliances must be turned off when not in use and when leaving the classroom for the day
30 Borrowing or lending of books is forbidden
31 Smoking or drinking of alcohol or gambling and the use of unauthorized drugs within and outside the school is not allowed. Any student found in this manner will be automatically expelled
32 Any student appearing in wrong uniform at any function will serve punishment
33 Parents of student must replace all worn out wears immediately, otherwise, the school will change such wears and the bill shall be given to the parents
34 Tattooing, painting/marking any part of the body is immediate expulsion of the student
35 All students are encouraged to communicate with the school authorities on issues bothering them. Be free to express yourself decently and intelligently
36 Report issues immediately so as to get immediate attention and correction. Reporting cases to parents without first seeking help from appropriate quarters in the school will attract one week internal suspension for community service
37 Insulting a fellow student, you wash plates for two days
38 Rudeness to prefect of class captain, community service for two days
39 Rudeness to any staff, one weeks internal suspension and a handwritten apology to the staff and the school management
40 Insulting a staff by a student’s parent or relation, handwritten apology to the offended staff and the entire school management, and an indefinite suspension of his/her ward
41 Noise making at any time especially during prep, and other hours when you should maintain some decorum, attracts washing of toilets as punishment
42 Lack of cooperation of any sort from the student on given directive will attract one term suspension of the student
43 Misbehaviour in the chapel will make you wash toilets for the day
44 Using of incomplete cutlery will make you wash plates for a day
45 Roaming around and talking at odd times especially during study period

Boarding Rules

No Rule
1 Every student must make his/her bed with clean bed sheets before he/she leaves for chapel in the morning and after siesta everyday
2 Students are expected to take their baths twice daily (morning and evening)
3 Bathing is done in the bathrooms and never outside
4 Beating up or deliberately causing serious injury on a fellow student is instant expulsion
5 Mob action is prohibited in this school. Ring leaders of any detected mob action will be expelled
6 Students must not appear outside barely clad. They must always put on their clothes
7 No student is allowed outside after lights out as such would attract serious sanctions
8 Students should not drag their feet while walking
9 Hair Style: Every student should have a low cut whenever his/her hair grows bushy. The school barbing salon is always available. Hence students are permitted to have their hair cut with personal clippers when necessary
10 Flowers: Students should not destroy/tamper with the flowers that adorn the compound
11 All students must be present at all spiritual conferences to help them grow spiritually
12 Every student must be present at all meals in the refectory except on the basis of ill health
13 Students must come to the refectory to eat with their complete cutlery and must eat their meals while sitting not standing because it is a part of communal life
14 Noise making during meals is highly prohibited
15 No student must carry his/her food into his/her hostel. If a student is sick it is the work of the INFIRMARIAN on the instruction of the hostel father/mother to bring his/her food into the hostel and never by any other student
16 Greed at table is a grievous offence. Students are thus warned to desist from being greedy at table, rather be considerate and kind
17 The kitchen is out of bounds and no student has the right to come into the kitchen unless his functions so permits
18 The hostel is out of bounds to students during the school hours and prep periods
19 No student is to be found with money in his/her possession. Such must be submitted to the management on resumption if there is need for it
20 On resumption day, no food is allowed into the College. Lunch and supper are provided for them
21 Students must treat and handle all the hostel facilities with great care, any student who gets involved in the destruction of hostel facilities will be dealt with
22 No boarder must leave the school premises before vacation time for whatever reason, unless permitted by the school
23 No two students should be found by themselves in any corner of the school away from others, in any form of indecency. Such act will surely attract expulsion as penalty
24 Zero tolerance on female/female, male/male, male/female unhealthy relationships. Such an act will attract expulsion as penalty
25 No two students must be found sitting or lying on the same bed
26 No two or more students must be found on the same bathroom or toilet at any point in time
27 Parents/guardian should endeavor to get the correct information directly from the school authority and not from any unauthorized member of staff, The school is not responsible for any mistake as a result of wrong information from corners
28 Parents must ensure that their childrens’ names are written on all their childrens’ properties. This will help the management to identify the owners incase they are misplaced
29 All students must eat the food and snacks given to them at the appropriate time and place. No student must go to class without eating breakfast. No student has the right to skip/reject meals served before them
30 All forms of gambling and dealings in food or other properties are strictly prohibited
31 The school celebrates birthdays every last Sunday of the month for all whose birthdays occurred during the month.