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Our 1st Graduation 2021/2022


- The superior General, Rev. Sr. Dr. Mary Fausta Manafa, institute of the sisters of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

- Members of her council, EHJ

- The Chairman of this great occasion

- The father of the day

- The mother of the day

- EHJ sisters present

- Special guests of Honour

- Esteemed parents

- Dynamic members of staff

- Our great and charming students

- Distinguished ladies and gentlemen.

It is my pleasure to welcome all and sandry to this epoc making event. A program that will not come to an end can only be described as eternity. It is the end of another successful and fruitful academic session. A very unique one. 2021/2022 is indeed a year to be remembered in Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Model College, as we celebrate our maiden graduation. Our pace setter, our three beloved stars are graduating today. Hip, hip, hip, hurrah!

The value of perseverance, in education cannot be over emphasized. For an individual to have it, it means that he has the strength, character and determination to go through different kinds of challenges and obstacles and be able to overcome them. This sterling virtue of perseverance, our three (3) bright and brilliant stars have demonstrated in their academic pursuit in this great collage. It is not just a very valuable virtue but also an asset that they will carry with themselves, even as they reach adulthood. We therefore, encourage other students to imbibe this virtue from these pace setters, our graduates with a very unique and a successful end. Congratulations!

The School management in union with you, your parents, staff, students and invited guests, express our sincere gratitude to the Almighty God, the author of life for giving us the opportunity to celebrate this milestone. God is indeed faithful and will always remain faithful, to him be glory forever and ever. Amen.

Kerry Washington says, "your life is your story, and is the journey to fulfill your own purpose and potential".

Beloved Graduates, as you get into the University, you would be required to go through various modes and types of teaching, courses, assignment, including tutorials, practicum, and many more during your time of study, which will in turn end up with a wonderful career that will eventually translate into the workforce.

Please, I implore you not to jeopardize or joke with your education. Those with good or sound education have always carved a niche to themselves and get their future secure. They know how to manage their time and talents, and be productive. In other words, your productivity in life actually starts from your college days. Hence, after graduation, students are able to carry such productive energy into the workforce and excel. In the light of this, therefore, the education you have received from this great

citadel of learning will in no doubt propel you to more productivity as you proceed to the University. It is our delight to see you display better communication skills, critical thinking skills, identification of skills, and many more. However, we are not ignorant of the fact that some of you may have skills that you have not had the opportunity to expand upon or even discover. But as education stretches your mind, exposes you to totally new horizon of knowledge, we sure believe that it will not only create a Vista for big dreams for you but also push you to be your better self in impacting the society positively. As a result, students may discover skills they did not even know they had. Education also gives you a greater sense of discipline, and as students are given increasing amounts of responsibilities, it takes discipline to surmount them and be successful.

In any developed nation or society, education is key: A society that is well educated feels a higher sense of unity and trust within the comminuty. Educated societies lift up the week with a sense of hope and inclusivity amongst all parts. Education teaches people the difference between rights and wrongs and the need to avoid being on the wrong side of the law. You cannot afford to be a criminal and then ruin your life and dreams in prison or as an ex-convict. God forbid! For all we have taught and imbibed in you here, your great Ama Mater; Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Model college, will in no doubt, enable you to stand out anytime. Janet Napolitomo says "you don't go to University so you can punch a clock. You go to University so you be in a position to make a difference". Therefore, live a virtuous life, be disciplined and morally upright at all times. Be committed to God, befriend your bible and always be prayerful.

Our dear graduands, we implore you enphantically to live a virtuous life at all times and, be morally upright. It is our prayer that your beloved parents that have worked so hard to see you through this level of education and beyond by God's grace will live to enjoy the fruits of their labour in Jesus name. Amen.

To our dear dynamic and hard working teachers and non-teaching staff, I say a big thank you for all the sacrifices, and for painstakingly taking them through the hurdles of their studies. God bless you real good.

To our great parents/Guardians, suffice to say unequivocally, that enrolling your child/ward in this prestigious school, not only means that he will have access to quality education, but it also signifies that he will be able to adapt the key values that would help him become the best version of himself (uniqueness) (not lost in the crowd). After all, teaching important values is a significant element of leaning and all Catholic schools like ours make it an utmost priority. Bejamin Franklin says "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest".

Finally, the school has evolved and will continue to develop. We sincerely appreciate you our esteemed parents/guardians and all our well-wishers, for all your support, contributions and co-operation. It is our prayer that the good Lord will continue to bless and reward you all, and, may you live to enjoy the fruits of your labour in Jesus name. As the Lord blesses you, please continue to support us in every way possible in taking this school to lofty heights. Once again. Welcome and God bless.