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Welcome to EHJMC Benin City

You are highly welcome to EUCHARISTIC HEART OF JESUS MODEL COLLEGE, OBARETIN, located in Benin City, Edo State. It is a school where holistic education, (Academics and Morals) is impacted on students, the hope of our beloved nation Nigeria. The college has evolved but continues to grow and develop in academic and moral excellence as well as in infrastructure.

It is very imperative to note that the formation of a child is the responsibility of both the parents and the school. Therefore, I will not cease in imploring our esteemed parents to continue to play their role and speak the same language of academic and moral excellence as the school, to avoid contradictions in their formation. Here, and emphatically, our students are taught our core values, specially to be students of worthy character in and outside the school. We are forming students who can stand shoulder high above their peers or equals. Most importantly, their spiritual lives are also enhanced in their practice of daily prayers and devotion. The environment is learning friendly and, our state-of-the-art facilities are such that make learning easy and enjoyable. We continue to improve on our facilities and approach to teaching and learning in order to keep up with global best practices. Hence, people say we are the school to reckon with.

Students are expected and encouraged to work hard and be at their best level of performance at all times, making them to display academic excellence and edge over their counterparts. This is why they say we raise top notch students, that can compete favourably and above their peers around the world, and this, we take pride in.

Suffice to state unequivocally, that Catholic schools are known for discipline. Therefore, discipline in words and actions is not discounted here, and it is expected from our students, staff and parents/guardians to sustain an edifying, educative and illuminating environment that promotes peaceful relationship amongst all.

Once again, you are highly welcome. We wish you God's abundant blessings.

Rev. Sr. Stella Maris Idibie (EHJ)
(EHJMC Benin City Principal)

Our Vision

To foster young adults into competent leaders who will be sound in character, morals and academic standing.

Our Mission

To give qualitative and all round education to young boys and girls so as to develop a service of purpose and awareness of their roles as members of the society.

Our Phylosophy

Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Model College is under the patronage of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. We draw our inspiration from the Love that Jesus shared with us in His most Holy Eucharist.

Our Motto

For The Greater Glory of God

Our Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Hardwork
  • Love
  • Organization
  • Emotionak Resilience
  • Confidence
  • Mental Alertness
  • Innovation


Form Centers

Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Model College, Obaretin, Benin City

St. Joseph Catholic Church, 1st East Circular Road, Benin City

Sapienza Nursery/Primary School, Evboriarhia, Benin City

St. Peters Nursery/Primary School, Ugbor G.R.A., Benin City

Archdiocese of Benin Catholic Chancery, Airport Road, Benin City

Our Lady of Apostles, Airport Road, Benin City

Our Lady of Visitation, Oleh, Delta State

Our Lady of Mercy Nursery/Primary School, Orerokpe, Delta State

Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Model School, Ughelli, Delta State

Our Lady of Apostles Primary School, Sapele, Delta State

EHJMC Benin City 2nd Graduation, 2022/2023

Dear Parents, Friends and Well Wishers,

We, the class of 2023, wish to express our unreserved gratitude first to God for granting us strength, good health and grace to finish strong.

Our profound gratitude also goes to our highly esteemed teachers for impacting in us, knowledge and character to positively impact our society and the world at large.

May God bless you all far above your imagination. Amen!

2022/2023 Graduands

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EHJMC Benin City 2nd Graduation, 2022/2023

Why Should You Choose EHJMC Benin

The College

EHJMC is a Co-Educational College with a clear vision to provide holistic formation, high quality education, discipline and develop the mind of our young boys and girls, to be well mannered and courteous while learning together. The College is located in a serene environment of Obaretin/Ubiaza in Ikpoba-Okha L.G.A. in Benin-City, and is easily accessible.

The College is a full boarding School with both junior and senior students residing in the schools’ hostels.

Academics and Co-Curricula

EHJMC is known for academic and moral uprightness as we award certificates in character and in learning. We go beyond the national educational needs. We offer various Extra Curricula activities designed to prepare students for leadership positions in the society.

Library and Special Rooms

We have well equipped library and Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Home Economics, Basic Technoloy, Language and ICT laboratories, Music Room, Art Studio, Technical Drawing Room, etc.

ICT is our watch word! Our ICT Lab is equipped with the latest desktops, laptops and networking tools to aid learning, research and information sharing. Our Library is stocked with latest books and Internet-enabled computer systems for E-learning. Our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art teaching materials, including Smart Board.

Morals and Discipline

At EHJMC, under the leadership of Sisters of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus institute, we inculcate family spirit of love, unity and high morals transcending all religions. There is zero tolerance for coercion, victimization, intimidation, favoritism, extortion, flogging or exploitation by other students.

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Why choose EHJMC Benin

General Information


The academic performance of any child in this College is the fundamental concern of the school. We make it a top priority to offer them the best techniques needed to bring out the best in their academic potentials.

The following conditions must be fulfilled before a student is promoted to the next class:

Senior category
1. Cumulative average of student must be 60% or above
2. Students must attain at least seven (7) credits. These must include their core subjects
3. Credits in Mathematics and English language for all students
Junior category
1. Cumulative average should be 60% or above
2. Student must obtain 60% and above, at least in 12 subjects
3. A student who scores below 60% in Mathematics and English will not be promoted

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EHJMC combines Academics with Extra Curricula Activities to bring out the best in every child. These help to form the child physically, emotionally, spiritually, and otherwise. For that purpose, we feature several academic and social clubs.

All students must belong to one academic and one social club in any given academic session. This can be changed every year to provide the students with rich and diverse exposure.

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Boarding House

The College is a full boarding School with both junior and senior students residing in the schools’ hostels.

All should enjoy the facilities provided by the school authority. There is zero tolerance for coercion, victimization, intimidation, favoritism, extortion, flogging or exploitation by other students.

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Code of Conduct
(Students Handbook)

Every student in EHJMC is a special child since all are created in God’s image and likeness. Students should equally know that there are no sacred cows. All should enjoy the facilities provided by the school authority. There is zero tolerance for coercion, victimization, intimidation, favoritism, extortion, flogging or exploitation by other students.

The students manual/handbook is an official statement of the College’s policies/regulations and expected standards that are applicable to all students. These policies and regulations enable all members of the College to function as a community and respond to situations that threaten and violates that community.

The College will create new policies and procedures and modify existing ones to address new issues to reflect the evolution of our larger society within which our community exists.

It is important you discuss with your child/ward the schools policies and procedures. Take responsibility for your child/ward by insisting that he/she complies with the schools’ outlined regulations. The rules and Regulations apply to all students.

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School Uniform and Dressing

  • It is compulsory for students to come to school on all school days and for all functions in the approved school uniforms
  • The approved school uniforms are available in the school. Parents are advised to purchase three sets for their children. This will ensure neatness and cleanliness
  • The approved foot wear is a black, flat healed, pair of covered shoes
  • Black belts for boys
  • Black strip wrist watches and
  • Black school bags

Our Management Team

school organogram